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Common Platforms for FTP Hosting, SFTP and Backup

Oracle Eloqua SFTP
Integrate with Eloqua's SFTP system easily using IQ Storage's secure FTP hosting services.
Oracle Database Backup Support
IQ Storage Backup supports backing up Oracle databases and provides centralized monitoring of all backups.
Subcontractor Management Plug-In
Ask about IQ Storage's subcontractor management plug-in. It allows the easy sharing and tracking of files among tens of thousands of subcontractors. Subcontractors can be targeted by location, industry or by division codes. Industries such as the construction industry can streamline all subcontractor work without hassles.
Lotus and Lotus Domino
IQ Storage is one of the few companies that can provide simple, low-cost, automated Lotus backups to either a USA or Canadian secure data center. As always, centralized monitoring of backups over the web gives complete clarity on the status of all backups.
Security Webcam FTP Support
Advanced support for webcams that support FTP. For example, upload-only accounts that help protect access, and the ability to deal with millions of image uploads. Our FTP hosting accounts are a perfect solution.